Essential Oil Face Serum Recipes


Build Your Own Face Serum. 

Creating and utilizing blends of oils for your skin care needs is a very simple process. 

Customized facial skin care oils can be made by blending Carrier oils with Essential oils

The difference between the two oils is easily described.  Carrier oils are derived from the fatty portion of seeds, nuts, and plants. 

For the best carrier oil for your skin type, click here. In contrast, essential oils are distilled from the leaves, petals, bark, roots, and stems of plants.

They are highly concentrated which is why carrier oils are utilized to dilute them.

The essential oil, hence the name, is the more important of the two and is the portion that allows for customization of serum blends.

You can find detailed information of what each essential oil can do for your skin by clicking here.

Below you will find my recommendations of the best combinations for your skincare needs.


 REJUVENATE Frankincense  Rosemary  Lavender


 ACNE  Lavender  Tea Tree  Bergamot


 OILY | ACNE PRONE   Lavender  Frankincense  Geranium  Tea Tree Oil


 SENSITIVE    Chamomile  Jasmine


 WRINKLES    Sandalwood Geranium  Vetiver


 SUN DAMAGE   Lavender  Vetiver


 DARK CIRCLES UNDER EYES   Orange  Rosemary  Chamomile


 ANTI AGING   Sandalwood  Geranium Vitiver


 SENSITIVE   Lavender Roman Chamomile


 DRY SKIN  Geranium Lavender Sandalwood


**The serum I use daily for Hydration is Rose with Sweet Almond Oil**


Click here if you'd like Basic Purity to build your blend for you. 

The Oil Myth Debunked...

Will Oil make you break out?

For decades the skincare industry has misled consumers with claims that all oils are bad because they clog your pores and cause acne.

This falsehood has been perpetuated because it benefits the great majority within the skincare industry. 

The truth is that there was a time when skincare products were made with mineral oil, a toxic ingredient made from petroleum, which does clog pores.

Eventually, brands realized this and stopped using mineral oil. 

To highlight this change, brands would label their products ‘Oil-Free.’ This led to an overall perception that any oil used on your face is bad. 

This, however, is not in fact true.

The truth is, oils have extreme healing characteristics and are very beneficial to your skin. 

Oils can help fight bacteria, balance oil production, moisturize and nourish your skin.

In contrast, traditional skincare products contain harsh chemicals that strip your skin of its natural barriers. 

This can cause your skin to produce even more oil to make up for lost moisture, which may often cause you to break out. 

So, don't be scared to apply oil on your skin. It could be the best thing you can do for your skincare routine!



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Essentail Oil Face Serum Recipes