Green Tea

Ever wonder why the Japanese look younger then their years?

Bingo. You guessed right by drinking Green Tea daily!

This is because Green Tea is an anti-oxidant which lowers free radicals.

You may have noticed (at least I have) that Green tea has become a popular ingredient in the skin care industry.

From what I've read it sounds like everyone should be consuming it as a beverage and using it as a compound on your skin.

Green Tea Benefits

The anti-oxidants responsible are a class of flavonoids called catecihns and contain the protective and anti-flammatory properties that are beneficial  for our skin.

The compounds found in the green tea help fight many different forms of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress to the body is caused by daily pollutants with in the air ( Cigarette Smoke, Ozone, Industrial Chemicals, X-Rays, Urban Traffic Flow , etc... ) as you can imagine your body is exposed to daily oxidative stress every minute of the day.

All of these harmful free radicals cause damage to the skin and accelerate the aging process but because green tea helps neutralize them it can help with skin aging such as sagging skin, sun damage, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Get The Benefits of Green Tea

So how can you get the green tea benefits internally and externally?

For internally it is simple, DRINK IT!  

Research has shown that the level of flavonoids were the same whether steeped for three minutes or two hours, but cold steeping for two hours produced tea with the most antioxidants.

Traditionally, the  Japanese only brew for a few minutes and then enjoy it, so it is all your preference to how you like the taste.

You can drink as much green tea as you want, you can not overdose on it!

As a mom of two, it can be hard to remember or make tea daily, so when I know I won't be home durning the day I take a green tea extract pill.

One pill is equal to about 3 cups of green tea. 

Now, how can you put green tea on your skin externally?

How To Make a Green Tea Mist

Why make your own recipe and not purchase a product with green tea in it? Simple.

The problem is when you purchase cosmetics in most cases each ingredient percentage is actually quite low.

The most  most efficient plus cost effective way is to make your own spray. It is very easy to make - Heat one cup of water ( I only use filtered water) , place two green tea bags in the hot water, and let steep.

Lastly, pour into your spray bottle (preferably amber glass spray bottle). In the morning and at night after you wash your skin, spritz this on your skin and then follow up with your usual regime.

Refill with new tea after a month. Bring it with you everywhere, it is very refreshing and cooling on your skin!

You can get all the benefits of Green Tea internally and externally daily to help neautrizle harmful free radicals with these small changes to your daily regime and you will slow down aging one sip & spray at a time!