Benefits of Face Compressing with Essential Oils

There are several ways to use essential oils. Some of us use them with diffusers, in baths, carrier oils, in creams, the list goes on. However, I never looked into using them with a wet wash cloth until now! Why is it so good for you?

Face compressing cleanses, detoxifies, ex-foliateshydrates, and nourishes (with the chosen E.O.)  your skin while the aroma lifts your emotional and mental state through aromatherapy. Simply put, It will help you on the inside and outside! This is a very special way to start or end your day, as you give yourself the time you deserve to pamper yourself in a relaxing, non-toxic, gentle way.


Face Compressing Tips:

Towel Drying saps moisture & irritates the skin (this is why it's bests to pat your face with the damp cloth)

If your use a bowl for face compressing, try to use purified water

( most tap water has chlorine & many toxic chemicals)

Our bamboo blend wash cloth is antibacterial & very absorbent

For compressing its best you use only 1 essential oil with 3 drops of that oil

If your skin reddens easily use cold water, if your skin is dry use hot water (not to hot though!) for combinations skin use warm water, for blemished skin use cool to tepid water

Don't forget to follow the care instructions on the wash cloths - do not wash with bleach or heavy detergent - even after a good spin in the wash, it could still stay in the fabric and essentially get on your face 


Face Compressing Steps: 


Please let us know your experience and what essential oil is your favorite!



Happy Facial Compressing!




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