Essential oils are a great way to feed your skin, but they must be used properly. Do not apply undiluted oils directly to skin. They are very concentrated, and can cause allergies or chemical burns if used undiluted. Citrus oils are photosensitive - do not use on skin in the sun. If you experience a reaction, use a carrier oil to dilute essential oil on the skin. 

Here are several different ways to Dilute & use Essential Oils:

Making a blend 

To make your own oil blend use a carrier oil ( this is how you dilute essential oils). There are tons of carrier oils you can use, try to pick one that is best for your skin type. For every one teaspoon of carrier oil you add 3 drops of essential oils. Using an oil blend massaged into your skin every day is the best way to maximize the benefits of essential oils. 

 Take a relaxing bath

This a great way to feed all of your skin with an essential oil. Add 5-7 drops of your chosen essential oil. You can use up to 3 different oil types but keep it to 5-7 drops total. 

Face Compressing

For detailed instructions Click Here

Make a Spritzer

With a small glass spray bottle, fill with water (filtered if your can) and add 6 drops of your chosen essential oil into the water, shake and spray onto your skin anytime, keeping eyes closed. This is a great way to freshen skin throughout the day. 


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