Our Mission

Our Mission

Taking care of your skin requires you to gain a deep understanding of what it needs to be at its optimal level of health. From the foods that you eat to the products that you expose it to, your skin requires you to pay attention. Basic Purity has discovered a daily part in all of our lives that is also known for enhancing the health of our skin — sleep.  

Basic Purity’s vision is to provide a suite of luxury products that enable our customers to take care of their face utilizing a set of mood-enhancing, organic materials. We strive to provide quality so that you can enjoy the quality of beauty rest that you deserve.

Our Story

     The creation of Basic Purity came naturally after  I discovered the benefits of washing one’s face with a select group of essential oils and a soft compress.  I first started to dabble with essential oils shortly after I gave birth to my first daughter. As a protective new and young mother, I became keenly aware of what goes into and onto our bodies.  It was then that I discovered how many toxic ingredients there are in the skin care industry. It blew me away so I looked for and found a natural, better way. And it was so simple.
By using any one of 14 essential oils, and a soft compress, I found I could improve my mood and gently cleanse my face. I loved it. I quickly shared this with my mom. She too, loved it! Our only issue, we didn’t like the available choices of cloth. They tended to be too thick, not nearly soft enough and we wanted something that was organic. I tried my daughters baby washcloth. It was so soft and infused the essential oils beautifully. Unfortunately, it was too small. This is really when Basic Purity was born.  
My mom and I decided that if we could source pure essential oils and a luxurious cloth, we could package them and provide a method for others to learn about and enjoy what we have come to love. I believe we have accomplished that with our facial compress kits!

  Enjoy! XOXO 

Stephanie & Mary