Transformation and Forgiveness

Title :

This Kit has tools to help forgive others and your self at a deep subconscious level.

Materials Included

Violet Meditation Hanky:  Holding the hanky and looking at it will help your mind release past pain and mind conditioning that no longer serve you.

Transformation and Forgiveness Box:  This special box is for you to mentally place past situations from your life where you would like forgiveness for yourself.  By mentally putting them in a purple box, they are transformed into light and love and are released from your deep sub-conscious.    

Violet Candle:  Violet color is for Intuition, Peace, and Healing

Lavender mini bouquet:  For welcoming good, calming energy 

Energy Cleanse Roll-on:  Cleanses your space, uplifts your vibration

Cedar and Sage bundle:  This is used to protect your space and cleanse negative energies in and around your home, office and personal space.

Step by step Instructions:  These instructions will walk you through the process of forgiveness and the transformation will begin.