Self care for the caregiver

Title :

This kit has tools to help open your heart, enabling unconditional love towards yourself.  Emotional and mental energy will stay with you instead of leaking to the people you take care of.  This can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue.  You will learn how to call your energy back to yourself so you can live a happy life taking care of others.  

Materials Included

Green Meditation Hanky:  Green is an emotionally positive color, enabling us to love and nurture ourselves.  Looking at and touching the green hanky will help open your heart with unconditional love towards yourself.

Mirror:  A tool to enhance self-love.

Meditation Roll-on:  Is a blend of jasmine and jojoba oil, that has a natural calming effect.

Pink Candles: Pink is the color of nurturing, love, caring and friendship.

Dried Roses: Roses have the highest love vibration for healing.

Cedar and Sage bundle: This is used to protect your space and cleanse negative energies in and around your home, office, and personal space.

Step by step Instructions included: The instructions will walk you through the process of calling back your mental and emotional energy.