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Mary is truly an angel. I've known here for a year and she has helped me so much. I had a few months of emotional transitioning and she been there whenever I needed her. What I love about Mary is that she's very spiritually connected and understands the human spirit at a deep level. She guided me through situations with such patience and guidances. She also helped me cutting energetic chords and letting go of old wounds/past hurt through light meditations and breathing exercises. Whenever we meditated, her gentle voice put me in a very relaxed state of mind and my entire body felt her positive energy and white light coming through. And this happened over the phone.

I am so grateful for this beautiful angel. She has a natural gift to heal and help people on their healing journey.

Thank you Mary, Much Love!

Julia Riader

Mary's energy, her light, is wholesome and brilliant. She has a light that flickers like a butterfly. She is daring, she is darling , she is caring, she is a force. She dances upon the world and flowers that she touches. She is lovely.

Charles Lawrence